About Ludilog

Ludilog is a web platform which makes playing games by email/ forum using vassal easier than ever.

How is this possible?

With ludilog a user can create a game and invite other players to it.
After the "game owner" creates his/her first log file, he/she can upload it to the game page using the "add a file" button.
Then, each player will receive a notification on the site that something has changed in the game. Of course, the notifications will work for the messages that are posted on the game thread as well, so a player does not have to check the game page each time.
The game thread will be writable only by the players participating in the game.

What are the advantages?

There a many, some of these are:

  • The game notifications: Whenever someone posts something new on the game thread, all participating players will be notified.
  • The notifications allows for multiple games participation. You don't have to browse through each game page to see if there is something new there.
  • The game thread holds the log files of the game, eliminating that way the need for a shared file space (like dropbox and google drive)
  • The log files a user uploads, sit in place without the need to add a sequence number to each file. Ludilog does this automatically.
  • After a long time, the user builds an archive with all the games he/ she has participated in.
  • A beginner in a game, can freely read and download the log files of each game in order to study gameplay and/or strategies.
  • If someone does not know how to play a game, he can always ask for help from the people that have played it.
  • Pbf/ Pbem is a rare hobby, but in ludilog you can find people that share the same interest in distant play like you do.