Cuba Libre

I will be using VASSAL 3.2.16. We must all use Cuba Libre1.3.vmod
Read the section on log files.
You must create a log file of your individual turn.

Game Setup:
I used the list randomizer on to come up with the following:
Govt - Randall
26July - ddandres
Directorio - Shahvir
Syndicate - Sam

VASSAL Cube Libre Module Tips:
- Do not manually manipulate the draw deck. Always use the draw card button. Draw card will move the upcoming event to the current card location and then draw into the upcoming event location. Draw card does not discard the current card, the end card play button does.
- Right click on the population value or economic value of a space to get a menu of options for this space. This is a good way to dispatch troops and place pawns.
- To end your turn, use the "End Faction Play" button to clear your movement trails and pawns

Game Rules:
- Any rules conflicts are resolved by using the latest dated version of the rules. This includes erratas and FAQs from credible sources.
- No secret communication is allowed. All communication must be open to simulate sitting at the same table.
- After finishing your turn, perform any actions which the house would normally perform such as ending card play and drawing a new card. If a propaganda round begins, execute it to the fullest until presented with another players choice. Keep the prop card marker updated so that the next player can resume from its current state.
- Before beginning your turn, audit the previous players log file. Check that the play was legal. If you notice an error it is your job to stop play and call upon the previous player to correct their turn.
- Provide a brief description of your turn in the ludilog message screen so that others can follow along without opening the log file. Any messages posted within the game itself will only be visible within your log file.


Randall Monk member since: 2016-12-21
Shahvir Buhariwalla member since: 2016-12-20
Sam Hawke member since: 2016-12-20
Ddandres member since: 2016-12-20

Oops, I realised I said that I was not willing to try any other game.

That was wrong and I have corrected it, I would be glad to try any game.

I have corrected the post, sorry.


I could play Falling Sky, and I too have never played it so I'd need to read up a bit.


I have played Andean Abyss several times (although solitaire), and Fire in the Lake a couple of times (two players).

I would like to try Falling Sky, as the theme is appealing to me, but I am willing to try any other game of the series (just need to read the rules ); CUba Libre is the simplest one of them.

I previously used ACTS for Twilight Struggle and I must agree that it was much more streamlined.


I'm up for anything. I know the rules (more or less) for Liberty or Death, Cuba Libre, Andean Abyss, and Fire in the Lake.

I'm not a fan of ludilog. It's a very cumbersome version of ACTS.


I'm quite keen to try Liberty or Death, but am open to others as well. Does anyone else have any suggestions?


Good game!

I'm up for a different COIN game. Don't know any others but I'm willing to learn. Any suggestions?


I should have pushed my luck on the last turn and terrorize+kidnap everywhere, but I thought better to be conservative as I expected the last Propaganda! card to appear later.

Count me in for a rematch.


Good game everyone.

(I'd be up for another, if anyone was keen.)


It looks like Batista managed to keep control of the island while the opposing forces struggled to reach a consensus.



Looks like Agitation can't change anything.

Directorio will Rally in Matanzas.

I think the final scores will be:

Government: 2

26 July: -3

Directorio: 1

Syndicate: 1

Is that correct? Did my oppression pay off?


Thanks to Sam for moving us along.

Move Sierra Maestra to the good side, twice.

26 July commie-hippies are up for Agitation


Apologies for the heinous delay every one. (Work has been pretty horrible the last week.) Looks like victory will be determined pretty closely.

The Syndicate is forced to take a LimOp, and marches from La Habana to Matanzas, causing Directorio to lose control of the province. With no winner at the start of the Propaganda round, it is determined as follows:

  • Government receives 8 resources in earnings from its Economic Centres.
  • 26 July receives 4 resources for its four bases.
  • Directorio receives 7 resources for the 7 spaces in which it has pieces.
  • Syndicate receives 6 resources for the two Economic Centres it controls and 14 for its open Casinos.
  • 26 July receives 2 resources for the Skim, as does the Government (with the rest of the Casinos protected by Santo).
  • Syndicate uses Cash deposits in Santiago do Cuba to open a Casino there, and converts Cash in Havana to 6 resources.
  • The US Alliance Marker remains where it is.

The Government may now conduct Civic Action.


Here's a file which adds back the 26J guerillas, one each in Camaguey and Las Villas to correct my error.

Sam, please proceed with the final game turn.



Yes, please proceed.


Well, no news from Sam, so I think we can assume that you all agree with adding the 2 guerrillas and keeping your previous actions.

If so, then you can correct the map and proceed.


Sorry to be getting round to this so late: shall I make the corrections?


That's OK for me (not much good anyway).

I think Govt and Syndicate will also be happy with their moves.


Wow. Ddandres, you're right. I really fucked up that move. Serves me right for multi tasking.

These are the corrections:

- Camagüey: 3 attackers, die roll 5, missed but guerrilla removed (to be corrected)

- Las Villas: 3 attackers, no die roll, guerrila removed (to be corrected)

You missed a succesful Matanzas attack in your summary but this looks correct once I review that move again.

So really after the corrections that means 2 more 26J guerillas should be on the board, one each in Camaguey and Las Villas. However, this does not affect control. The bigger question is would this have affected Sam and Randall's moves after I made mine?

Sorry for the trouble. How do you guys think we should proceed? I suggest correcting this by placing two 26J guerillas, one each in Camaguey and Las Villas. Does this seem OK?


26July observers detect some irregularities in the tactics deployed by DR according to the Geneva Convention.

- Oriente: Ambush (OK)

- Camagüey: 3 attackers, die roll 5, missed but guerrilla removed (to be corrected)

- Las Villas: 3 attackers, no die roll, guerrila removed (to be corrected)

- La Habana: 1 attacker, die roll 2, missed (OK)


I passed as well. Next up is me (Govt), followed by the last Propaganda card. Everyone is close to winning, but I don't see a way for me to win, alas. I will do what I was aiming for, and work on improving the attitudes of the citizens of Sierra de Maestra. Train, then build Govt support.

Syndicate is up, then it's over.


Syndicate passes.

Government up next.


DR launches an east -> west province attack from Oriente to La Habana. First ambush in Oriente.

Syn next.


Pass. Directorio is up.


Sorry for the delay. I'll pass so Govt for lim  op is next.